What we are doing is unprecedented. There has never been a cleanup system of this magnitude deployed in the ocean. Therefore, continual testing is integral to our design process. We first had to learn as much as we could through scale model testing, North Sea prototypes, and computer modeling, but, because of the size and nature of our project, some things must be thrown into the deep end of the water, or the Pacific. The Final Dress Rehearsal This was the purpose of our Pacific Trials. It was our last chance to run through a series of tests before we tow System 001 the distance to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. For the last two weeks, our crew aboard the Maersk Launcher conducted a various tests on the system and the environment around it to be certain it was ready for the challenge of the world’s largest ocean garbage patch. Deployment to the patch was never certain though; we would not tow this 600-meter device an extra 850 nautical miles, if we believed it would disproportionately outweigh the benefits of it being there. This is why, every step of the way, the Rotterdam team maintained communication with the offshore […]


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