Comments Liesbeth and Edwin ter Velde are preparing to drive the Solar Voyager, an electric buggy powered entirely by solar power, all the way to the South Pole. Here’s how they plan to do it. Solar Voyager The project, known as Clean2Antarctica , is part of the Dutch couple’s support for a zero waste lifestyle. The duo created a goal to take plastic waste and do something extraordinary with it. The idea they eventually landed on was to use plastic waste to build a solar powered electric vehicle capable of driving them to the South Pole. Sure, there are electric snowmobiles out there already, but for a project this unique, the team needed to think outside the box. To build the Solar Voyager out of plastic waste, the couple designed a new hexagonal building block known as a HexCore using recycled materials. They began small with their own plastic trash. According to the team: “We shredded pieces and melted it into the filament that feeds 3D printers. Then we took it to the next level and did it on industrial scale, using recycled pellets from a waste plant. With forty 3D printers we printed 4000 HexCores. A building block […]


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