Energy storage trains are a fantastic idea to save energy. Energy grids supplied by renewable energy sources naturally benefit from energy storage of any kind. "Pumped" hydropower is one of the common "go to" solution for energy storage. As we are sure you are aware, water energy storage uses electricity off-peak to pump water. This more "traditional" method pumps water to higher elevations to take advantage of the power of gravity to power turbines downslope. For instance, the Taum Sauk Hydroelectric Power Station, Missouri works exclusively using pumped storage hydropower. Yeah, "pumped" hydropower is great but a little dull. Why can’t we replace water with something interesting, like say mini trains? That would be amazing, right? Have we got your attention? Great, let’s take a closer look at ARES’ simple solution to energy storage. Energy storage trains: Mini trains? Tell me more A California-based company, Advanced Rail Energy Storage (ARES) have done just that. Their innovative land-based alternative to the "traditional" hydro-pumped storage method provides grid-scale energy storage using cute little trains. These small electric locomotives use rail cars to push heavy concrete blocks to the top of an incline using excess power generated from renewable energy plants. As […]


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