Nissan LEAF – the best selling electric car in Europe. Nissan can be happy with its LEAF sales results in Europe as the second-generation version attracted some 43,000 sales so far, out of which roughly 26,000 were delivered (by the end of August). Not bad, especially since volume deliveries began only in February. For comparison, sales in U.S. stand at 10,686 after nine months. Nissan LEAF is now the best-selling all-electric car in Europe (also above all plug-in hybrids). An even bigger achievement is that in Norway, LEAF is the best-selling car regardless of powertrain type . The Japanese brand estimates that new orders are coming at a pace of one every 10 minutes . That would be well over 4,000 a month. That’s more than average deliveries over seven months (February-August), which means that the number of 17,000 units ordered and awaiting delivery is going to increase until production catches up. The question is what is constraining Nissan from producing and selling more LEAFs if there’s a chance to capitalize in Europe? “Strong sales growth has been a characteristic for new LEAF across Europe including markets such as Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. In Norway, […]


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