Optimism for the future is an interesting stance to take right now, especially the strains of techno-optimism within more technically aligned communities such as cleantech and tech-centric news sites. Corey Doctorow has written about techno-optimism with a reasonable pairing of pessimism and optimism: ‘‘In order to be an activist, you have to be both: pessimistic enough to believe that things will get worse if left unchecked, optimistic enough to believe that if you take action, the worst can be prevented. Techno-optimism is an ideology that embodies the pessimism and the optimism above: the concern that technology could be used to make the world worse, the hope that it can be steered to make the world better.” We live in a world increasingly impacted by global warming, where our leadership is as much under the sway of short-term corporate interests as our long-term personal interests. We live in a post-truth world where social media has been suborned by foreign powers and power-seekers to carve us into bubbles and feed us disinformation to trigger our votes and activism. We live in a world where the most powerful nation not only has abdicated from efforts on one of the most significant issues […]


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