Lots of people believe all this global warming and climate change stuff is nothing to worry about. When the world finally gets down to the real nitty gritty — when Florida sinks below the waves, for example — humanity will “science its way” out of the situation thanks to some bold new technology. One such possibility is direct air capture — a process that removes carbon from the atmosphere so it can be sequestered or turned into carbon neutral fuels. Carbon Engineering, a corporation based in Canada, has built a demonstration facility for its direct air capture technology. Based on its experience to date, it has put together a peer reviewed report published in scientific journal Joule that claims the cost of removing carbon directly from the atmosphere can be as low as $94 a ton. The objection we hear from climate deniers all the time is that doing anything about the problem of global warming will cost far too much money. That argument only makes sense if one assumes all the results of a changing climate — massive migrations, famine, rising sea levels, and extinction of most plants and animals currently living — have no economic cost. As […]


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