Dara has worked for over a dozen small farms, learning the wildly varied approaches to growing foodstuffs and medicines and getting them to the consumer. All Over Albany Excerpt: After purchasing her future farm at 492 2nd Street in Troy in the fall of 2017, Dara began an aggressive solo composting operation, collecting nearly 1000 pounds of food scraps and other organic material a week from city residents and businesses and turning it into nutritious soil for growing vegetables. With 8 subscribers signed on for a share of the coming season’s produce and permissions from the city’s Zoning Board to operate an on-site farm-stand, Dara broke ground at the 2nd Street Farm in March of this year. In June, after 8 months of turning soil, building fences, and preparing raised garden beds, the 2nd Street Farm Stand opened for its inaugural neighborhood retail market and farm-share pick-up. Read the complete article here.


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