Jaguar’s Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart told us all the reasons why the best electric cars will soon have smaller battery packs. When it comes to the size of electric car batteries, bigger is always better. Or so I thought until I spoke on Monday with Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, technical design director for Jaguar Land Rover . He believes that the auto industry’s feverish race to increase the size of electric car battery packs—to thereby pump up driving range—will soon be over. More about the I-Pace “I believe that 90 to 100 kilowatt-hours is the peak,” said Dr. Ziebart, pointing to the Jaguar I-Pace and its 90-kWh battery pack, which is officially rated to go 240 miles on a single charge. “In the future, it won’t make sense to install bigger batteries.” We caught up with Dr. Ziebart last week in Redwood City, Calif., a day before the kickoff of the Jaguar Electrified Experience , a multi-city tour to introduce the I-Pace to American consumers. Dr. Ziebart is not saying that capable EVs—like the 90-kWh Jaguar I-Pace or Tesla’s 100-kWh vehicles—will have less driving range in the future. Not at all. But he believes that EV batteries can get smaller while […]


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