Electric bus maker GreenPower Motor Co. wants to make it easy for fleet operators to transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to plug-ins. The company’s new EV Star multi-use vehicle, or MUV, looks like an oversized airport shuttle that runs on gas or diesel fuel. But it’s a zero-emission vehicle powered by electricity. Operating the EV Star is not unlike the familiar experience behind the wheel of a modern-day passenger vehicle. That’s what Trucks.com discovered during a test drive around GreenPower’s Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., offices. The dashboard and instrument cluster look exactly like those found on internal-combustion vehicles, with a pair of circular, analog gauges — one to track speed and another to monitor the fuel. But in this case the fuel is the amount of battery charge. Between the speedometer and power monitor was the EV Star’s sole digital gauge, displaying a critical piece of information for drivers: the range. The electric van can travel up to 200 miles per charge but is most comfortable traveling within 150 miles, according to company reps. It takes eight hours to fully recharge with a J1172 Level 2 charger that plugs into a port just outside the driver’s-side door, or 90 minutes […]


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