Ciel & Terre USA recently announced the completion of a new 252 kW floating photovoltaic power system for the Lake County Special Districts on behalf of Kelseyville County Waterworks Dist. #3. Over 700 floating solar panels were used with SolarEdge solar optimizers for the installation. Chris Bartle, Business Development Manager for Ciel & Terre USA, answered some questions about the project for CleanTechnica . Why was floating solar chosen instead of ground-mounted panels? The waste water district did not have land available for ground-mounted. Do floating solar panels impact aquatic life within the body of water they are located in? We have done 2 environmental studies on this, one in France and another in CA. The conclusions were both neutral to positive. What kind of cables/wires are used to transfer the electricity generated by the floating system, and is there any special care they require? Marine grade cabling systems are used. No special care required. At what depth does the floating solar apparatus sit in the water? 2-3 inches below the surface with no personnel walking on the floats. 5-6 inches when a person is standing on a float. What is the apparatus made of? The floats are blow […]


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