In a major win for the environment, major carmaker Porsche have announced they will no longer make diesel-fuelled cars. The German-based company says “Porsche has always matched its product range to its customers’ requirements and the pursuit of technological excellence. That is why the sports car manufacturer is intensifying its activities in the areas of hybrid technology and electromobility and will, in future, no longer offer vehicles with diesel propulsion.” The company is keen to point out that they’re not ‘demonizing diesel’ but rather responding to the market. They say that consumers have an interest in electric and hybrid vehicles and that demand for diesel is dropping. Porsche involved in VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal This push for green may be in part thanks to a more public understanding of the effects of the automobile industry on climate change as well as the Volkswagen’s diesel disaster which cost them $4.3 billion in the U.S. and $17.5 billion in Europe in compensation and environmental cleanup. Porsche was involved in the scandal too. The company admitted that about 13,500 diesel Cayenne models had an illegal engine charge control that, according to the German magazine, Bild am Sonntag was used to cheat on diesel […]


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