While Trump insists on building walls , reviving dead industries like coal mining, and just doing everything possible to ignore and worsen climate change at the same time , other people in the world are realizing that not only is climate change a peril to the survival of humanity, it’s also a great business opportunity. At least that’s what The World Bank is saying : Climate change is a threat and an opportunity for the private sector. Some countries agree with the The World Bank, like Denmark. The Scandinavian country’s Central Region is building a new international climate center in the city of Lemvig, located on the country’s west coast, facing the North Sea. The $7.9 million building is a key part of the region’s Coast to Coast Climate Challenge, a six-year-long climate awareness initiative that’s being carried by the region’s government and several private and public organizations–like the local utility company–with the help of European Union funds. [Image: 3XN] The name of the building is the Climatorium, and it will be designed by Copenhagen-based architectural firm 3XN. The two-story building will have offices and public space to host exhibitions about climate change, conferences, concerts, and events, as well […]


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