Here’s to all the hipsteaders who’ve gone back to the land to farm (and post on their Instagram accounts ), as well as to all seasonal settlers and weekend escapees who’ve left city life behind part-time. From the Cotswolds to the Catskills to the California coast, they’ve changed our ideas about organic gardening, farming, and country curb appeal. Here are 11 great ideas to steal from hipster homesteaders. 1. Add egg amenities. Above: At The Fancy F , a 15-acre enterprise in New York’s Hudson Valley, chicken farmers Caity Delphia and partner Aaron Dunn (she’s also a medical illustrator and graphic designer, and he’s also a landscape designer) house their flock in a coop finished in local hemlock and white cedar shingles (“we used underlayment shingles, which are cheaper than red cedar”). See more of this chicken coop, and its inhabitants, in The Exquisite Egg: Raising Chickens with Style at the Fancy F . 2. Install weathervane technology. Above: A weathered copper weathervane adds vintage character and is more accurate than your iPhone at tracking wind currents. A similar 17-inch Fox Weathervane is $300.95 from SDS Supply. Photograph by Joe Fletcher , courtesy of General Assembly . In New […]


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