Sustainability is now a business imperative, with the consumer mindset shifting towards green. Image: Sustainability has become an imperative for consumers. More than nine in ten (92 per cent) of consumers across four global markets—Australia, China, United Kingdom and the United States—claim to be trying to live more sustainably, according to the study The New Sustainability: Regeneration by advertising agency JWT. Once deemed ‘hippy’, sustainability has finally hit the mainstream of consumerism, the study finds. 89 per cent of consumers say they care personally about protecting the environment. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular—in China, veganism is expected to rise by 17 per cent by 2020—the topic of single-use plastics is causing a stir, and consumers are rejecting the use of plastic straws. Community-driven initiatives such as ‘ plogging ’ have also started to pop up. This latest sustainable fitness craze originating from Sweden involves picking up litter while jogging. The sustainability movement isn’t just benefiting the planet, it’s influencing how people view each other, with 79 per cent stating that caring for the environment is a quality they look for in a partner. A change in consumers’ value systems is behind the shift in mindset. Results from the JWT […]


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