Solar panels on the red roof of a home [Diyana Dimitrova/Shutterstock] Cleveland’s tenth Sustainability Summit opened Thursday with the release of the city’s latest plan to deal with climate change . As part of the city’s goal to reduce greenhouse gases, Cleveland’s Chief of Sustainability Matt Gray announced the city’s goal to reach 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2050. “When we say that, that’s everything,” said Gray. “That’s what residents are using, that’s what businesses are using – industry, government, the whole city.” Gray said to reach the goal, the city would turn to solar and wind energy plus encourage energy efficiency in businesses and homes. According to the Sierra Club, Cleveland is the first city in Ohio to commit to this goal. 82 other cities nationwide have already made a similar pledge. The city’s climate action plan notes progress made in sustainability efforts since the first action plan in 2013, including a two percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 from 2010 levels. Actions included in the plan’s 28 objectives include: Reducing residential and commercial energy use by 50 percent by 2030 Expanding bike share and incorporating dockless and e-bikes Creating a community-wide Clean Energy Equity […]


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