Breakthrough Energy Ventures , a $1 billion fund led by Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos , and a host of other billionaires, announced seven more startups that the fund is investing in. The startups range from alternative geothermal energy systems to technologies that are able to pull clean drinking water directly from the air. Part of BEV’s mission is to provide "patient capital." The firm is willing to forgo returns to give the scientists and engineers at startups a reasonable lead time to develop technologies that will help society transition to a greener future. Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos , Michael Bloomberg and a host of their uber-rich compatriots are investing in nine energy startups that could solve some of the biggest problems in transitioning the world to a greener future. The billionaires are investing through a $1 billion fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures , known as BEV, which announced last year that energy storage would be one of its main focuses. Energy storage is one of the chief bottlenecks in the widespread adoption of renewable energy. Part of BEV’s mission is to provide "patient capital." That means BEV is willing to forgo returns on investment for up to 20 […]


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