© PLP/ London building has a glass climbing wall 125 meters above the ground. Yikes! The Well Standard has all the buzz these days, but are we taking our eyes off the ball? It’s now pretty much official; wellness is the new green. Tony Whitehead of WSP tells us that the wellness industry was worth US$ 3.7 trillion in 2015, including "’wellness lifestyle real estate’ worth US$118.6bn, and a US$43.3bn workplace wellness market." Wellness looks very much like the next big thing in building design — the new “green”… For decades, environmental considerations have been to the fore in architectural and engineering thinking, the aim being to create highly efficient buildings that used as little energy and water as possible. Now, however, there is a growing concern that a focus on efficiency might have caused designers to lose the plot somewhat. Certainly efficient buildings save money and are better for the planet, but what about the people in them? Wellness is the OLD green. (Why do we need a new one?) @GiusiABidea @UgoMorelli @marcocattaneo @GBCItalia @amanda_sturgeon @emme_italia — Lance Hosey (@LanceHosey) December 3, 2015 There are a lot of architects I know who would argue that point about "losing […]


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