The world of renewable hydrogen seems to be expanding these days, and the latest company to cross the CleanTechnica radar on that topic is Clearwater, Florida based Joi Scientific. More precisely, it is headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center, which is what really got our attention. You could connect the dots between Joi’s renewable hydrogen-from-water system and the extraterrestrial stuff one usually associates with the Kennedy Space Center . For now, though, the company is focusing on the 70% of Earth covered with water, and to that end they have just licensed their proprietary Hydrogen 2.0 technology to the top premium pleasure craft retailer MarineMax . Renewable Hydrogen Launches A Thousand Ships…Eventually! Conventional hydrogen is sourced primarily from natural gas, so a more sustainable solution is certainly an improvement, global warmingly speaking. The challenge is to devise a compact, seaworthy system that fits the target costs for whatever boat you’re selling. That explains Joi’s focus on the maritime market. With an abundant fuel base at hand, there is no need for a large on-board hydrogen storage system. That helps to cut costs and ensure that the captain never has to send anyone out scouting for a fueling station, too. […]


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