Italian designers Simone Caronni, Paolo Stefano Gentile and Pietro Gaeli have created an ecological packaging for fries made from recycled potato skins, as a sustainable alternative to paper. Called Peel Saver , the packaging is made of starch and fibre components that, after maceration and natural dying, bond with each other and harden. The designers came up with the project after realising how much potato peel waste is produced by fries companies. They wanted to put this waste material to good use – and realised ironically it could be used to contain the food it is made from. "Traditional street food packaging has a very short time of use, immediately becoming hard to recycle. Peel Saver is a sustainable remedy whose aim is to replace plasticised paper packaging," said Caronni. "Fries are thus served inside the same peel that originally contained and protected the potato, returning to the natural state in which it was." First the creators macerate and naturally dry the potato peels, before spreading them out into a circular mould. They then roll the resulting substance into a conical shape, much like an ice-cream cone. According to the designers, the initial idea was to combine the peelings […]


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