The Challenge The goal of the Challenge is to identify and commercialize existing and new cup solutions designed to be recoverable at their highest material value. We are seeking solutions that will accommodate the infrastructure of different global regions and, when recycled or composted, produce quality materials that carry high economic value in recovery markets around the world. Solutions must be recoverable and address the fiber-based hot and cold cup; however, ideas may also include cup lids, sleeves, straws, liners, and/or consider reuse and alternative delivery systems. Ideas may also consider hot and cold cups separately. Materials used in solutions should aim to be ethically and sustainably sourced, contain recycled content, and consider how the disposal of this product will be accessible to differing recycling and composting infrastructures around the world. Any cup designs developed through this Challenge must meet or exceed foodservice industry health, safety, and environmental performance standards . Please review our Additional Resources to help you get started. Designing a sustainable fiber cup that’s accessible to the entire food-service industry requires cross-sector collaboration from designers, entrepreneurs, suppliers, scientists, seasoned experts and more. The NextGen Cup Challenge is here to help make this happen. Throughout the Challenge, […]


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