Engineers and manufacturers have been working to automate the homebuilding process for years, and some startups have already released prototypes of their designs. Until this year, however, nobody has lived in any of these prototypes. This summer, a five-person family in France became the first to permanently live in a 3D-printed home. The 1,022-square-foot home, part of the "Yhnova" project, is located in Nantes. Below, take a look at the building’s construction process and photos of other startups’ designs for 3D-printed homes. 1/8 Yhnova was printed in 54 hours, and contractors spent the next four months adding windows, doors, and the roof. People walk past a placard showing the construction site of a 3D printed social housing building called "Yhnova," in Nantes, France, on September 19, 2017. Stephane Mahe/Reuters The home was developed by University of Nantes researchers. According to BBC , they believe the next 3D-printed home could be built in 33 hours. Construction of the building cost about $232,000, which is 20% cheaper than a similarly sized building would usually cost, BBC reported. 2/8 The University of Nantes teamed up with the city council and a local housing association to create the house. An employee works to […]


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