Last August, luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche posted an interview with two of its executives regarding electromobility opportunities. The first question was on why the firm had decided to develop its own charging parks for electric vehicles (EV). Michael Kiefer, Director of High-Voltage Systems at Porsche Engineering, had said it all came down to a chicken-and-egg question. "No charging network, no electric vehicles. And if there are no electric vehicles, no one will invest in a charging network," Kiefer had explained. A chicken-and-egg question "So we can only sell electric cars if we give customers the security of knowing that there is a viable charging network available. Porsche is therefore forging ahead and actively pushing the expansion of the charging infrastructure itself," the executive had added. That push came to life this week with the company’s announcement of its ‘electric pit stop.’ The system is described by Porsche as "a fast-charging solution: a system with modular building blocks that takes account of the available electricity grid, visitor frequency and space constraints." The firm had already unveiled its first fast-charging park back in July 2018. Porsche engineering had increased the charging stations’ voltage level to 800 volts successfully significantly reducing […]


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