CleanTechnica sat down with Henrik Fisker on August 30th, 2018, in Los Angeles to get an update on where Fisker, Inc. is today and where he plans to take the company in the months and years to come. Henrik opened up about his plans for a $40,000 Fisker, solid-state batteries, ultrafast charging, the Fisker Orbit, and more, much of which we covered in an earlier article . In addition to developing the solid-state batteries that will power its vehicles and building a $40,000 Fisker, the company is working on a fully autonomous electric shuttle that it believes can help provide a premium transition solution for campuses around the world. The Fisker Orbit Fisker first took the wraps off of the Orbit shuttle concept in late 2017 with the promise of delivering a fully autonomous, electric shuttle with an interior that carried Fisker’s premium design aesthetic inside. Henrik shared that, “The shuttle, when you see it en route, it’s still a pretty impactful and exciting design. It doesn’t have to look like a fridge on wheels just because it’s not a privately owned car.” The design of the vehicle is such that it maximizes the interior space, which gives the […]


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