FUTURE YE “I really love my Tesla. I’m in the future. Thank you Elon.” In one tweet , Kanye pretty much summed up the A-list hip-hop community’s growing affinity for Teslas. As Pitchfork meticulously documented , artists from Big Sean to Juicy J have mentioned it in their rhymes; Jaden Smith moonwalks in front of one in the video for “ICON.” Why has the hip-hop world, long impressed by Benzes and ‘Raris , now embraced a car that’s intended to be affordable and attainable for the masses? There are tax cuts for these things — plus you have to plug them in . How unsexy is that? The reason, according to Pitchfork , has something to do with Musk himself: Rapper interest in Tesla is twofold: They love any implication of innovation or any association with the cutting edge, and they are amused by the supercar’s toys and gadgets. Elon Musk is viewed by rappers as a futurist, a mega-genius of limitless potential and possibility, and so the Tesla is perceived as the vehicle of tomorrow. EVS WITH CACHE Among the haute, pricey brands often name-checked in rap songs , Tesla stands alone in its potential to actually have […]


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