CC BY 2.0 Ian D We’ve seen a growing number of announcements about corporations committing to 100% renewable energy over the past few years. And some—like Lego and Google for example—have already reached their goal. So much so, that I have been wondering whether a promise to source exclusively clean energy even counts as news anymore. And yet, I do think these announcements play an important role in both sending signals to markets about where the future lies, and also in providing a back stop against short-sighted political maneuvers intended to delay climate action. So I was delighted to hear from RE100 about another four corporate giants who are pledging to go all-in for clean energy . Here are the details: Sony Corporation—which already sources 100% renewables in Europe—now targeting 100% renewable electricity by 2040, and 30% by 2030. Of course, the eagle eyed TreeHuggers among us will note that if Google and Lego have already achieved their goals, why are we lauding Sony for a goal that’s still more than twenty years out? It’s all about the markets a company operates in. Paul Simpson, CEO of non-profit group CDP which helps run the campaign, had this to say […]


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