Video: 2020 Vision – Why you should see the fossil fuel peak coming Watch Video Fossil fuels will peak in the 2020s as renewables supply all growth in energy demand Read More Download Resource Infographic in Chinese The peak in fossil fuel demand will have a dramatic impact on financial markets in the 2020s. The global energy system is transitioning from a system mainly based on fossil fuels to one mainly based on renewable energy sources. The shift will involve near-term peaking of fossil fuel demand, an S curve of renewable growth, and the endgame for fossil fuel demand. What is driving the energy transition? The energy transition has a number of drivers, which can be described in terms of necessity , policy and technology . In turn these are driving an emerging market energy leapfrog and very rapid growth for new energy technologies. Three major technologies of solar PV, wind and Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries enjoy both rapid growth and technology-driven learning curves. For each doubling in capacity their costs have been falling at around 20%, a phenomenon that we expect to continue. In addition to this, digitisation has become a key enabler of the energy transition. The emerging […]


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