Proterra announced that the Edmonton Transit Service has locked in a contract for 25 of Proterra’s 40-foot Catalyst E2 max fully electric buses. The new buses will replace 25 aging diesel buses in what represents a celebration-worthy win for electric buses, clean air, and the people of the Edmonton, Canada. “We’re excited to work with Proterra and be at the forefront of integrating electric buses and emerging technology into our existing fleet,” said Eddie Robar, Branch Manager of ETS. “Proterra’s clean-running and quiet electric buses are winter compatible, have a range of up to 400 kilometres and contribute to our shift toward more sustainable transportation, a low carbon city and high-quality transit service for Edmontonians.” The move is also expected to save the transit agency some cash, at an estimated cost savings of 30% for service and maintenance. The City of Edmonton is phasing in the new buses, with the first two electric buses being used to train up the team of transit drivers, maintenance technicians, and administrators. Getting down to the nuts and bolts of the system, the first two buses will also cut the path forward in terms of infrastructure and charging system verification. The remaining 23 […]


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