One of the best things Oprah does is post ebullient photos of herself next to enormous vegetables from her garden in Maui. By R. Eric Thomas Elle Excerpt: I’m obsessed with Oprah’s expressions around vegetables. It’s like she can’t even help herself. Which, given the scope of the garden and the size of the vegetables she’s harvesting, I don’t blame her. Look at the size of this zucchini! Oprah is hype about it. Even that cow in the upper right poked its head through the grass to get a better look. That cow was like “Bish what?! I’m shewk. They need to call you Miracle Grow-prah. Get it? It’s like Miracle Grow and Oprah. It’s a play on words… With your name.” What is that cow doing there? Is there other livestock? Do they all talk? So many questions. And why is everything so big?! Read the complete article here. John and Molly Chester on their organic farm in Moorpark, Calif. John directed a documentary that follows the development of the farm over seven years and will premiere at the Telluride Film Festival. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) The Biggest Little Farm is a testament to […]


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