A duck has become a local hero on a tiny island in the Pacific, as it somehow made its way there to become the only duck on the island. Trevor, as the mallard has affectionately been known, turned up on the Pacific atoll of Niue earlier this year. The island has a population of 1,600 people and, crucially, no ducks. Except for Trevor that is, who has become a bit of a celebrity. The island, which is specifically a coral atoll, lacks any wetlands or ponds, where a duck would normally make its home, so Trevor has been hanging out in a puddle near the airport. The local fire service and volunteers have been making sure the puddle doesn’t run dry. “Everyone’s familiar with Trevor,” said Kirk Yates, the New Zealand high commissioner in Niue, reported The Guardian . “This is a small place right and a little celebrity duck is a novelty and people are quite concerned for its welfare.” Trevor lives alone in a puddle by the airport. Photo courtesy of Kirk Yates No one is completely sure how the duck made it to the island. The predominant theory is that he flew there, perhaps blown by […]


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