The Great Pacific garbage patch is an oceanic accumulation of trash so large, it is often referred to as a garbage island. Science At twice the size of Texas, it is considered the world’s largest zone of ocean plastics and estimated to contain up to 1.8 trillion pieces of debris. Needless to say, the area has been considered an uncleanable dead zone for a while. This is all about the change. Help is on its way Heading toward this great trashy area (pun intended) is the world’s first ocean cleanup system led by a Dutch non-profit organization appropriately named the Ocean Cleanup . In an impressive launch held at the San Francisco Bay today, and live streamed for the world, Ocean Cleanup launched System 001, the world’s first ocean cleanup system. A water salute to send off System 001 as it crosses the Bay Bridge. — The Ocean Cleanup (@TheOceanCleanup) September 8, 2018 The snake-like tubular machine consists of a 600-meter -long ( 2000 ft ) U-shaped floating barrier with a three-meter ( 10 ft ) skirt attached below. It is sustainably and intelligently designed to be propelled by both wind and waves in order to autonomously catch […]


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