Electric trucks are not a new development in the automotive sector by any means. However, the sector is under constant pressure for the development of new, cleaner, vehicles in order to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. Initially, these vehicles are being introduced for short range roles, for example as refuse collection and parcels delivery. However, manufacturers are also investigating their potential for use on longer routes, as the charging infrastructure, and battery technology, evolves and improves. What are the main benefits of electric trucks? “Battery-electric trucks are zero-emissions vehicles” says Dakota Semler, CEO and co-founder of Thor Trucks, speaking to Trucking Info website. “Emissions standard compliance numbers always adjust upwards and get harder to meet with each new round of regulations, but for every electric truck an OEM produces, they get emissions credits that allow them to market and sell more conventional diesel trucks as well.” The electric truck doesn’t, yet, have the same range as its conventional diesel and gasoline counterpart. Neither can it be ‘refuelled’, i.e. recharged, as quickly. Furthermore, the charging infrastructure in many countries around the world is still very much in its infancy. A further problem is that current battery systems are […]


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