Urban agriculture and vertical farming on skyscapers in China What is food waste? Food waste! Oh, those fries you just throw in your trash bin or that sweet salad you throw away because it’s been in your fridge for one week and nobody even thought of touching it. "It’s just a salad, it won’t do anything wrong". Well, think again. Just a fact, as there are more here : the average American throws away 300 lbs of food each year. This accounts for about $2 200 yearly. To go even further, this is about $183 worth of food wasted each month. You could invest those money or even open a business! Or just save them and go to a nice vacation to chill a bit. Okay, but what is it exactly? Food waste is when you waste food, basically. When you don’t think you’re cooking, buying or ordering too much. If we were to reduce the waste in America by 15%, we could feed more than 25 million Americans. It’s more than that. Because of human ignorance, wasting food has become an issue of importance to global food security and even environmental governance. Studies show that between one third […]


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