Mesa, Arizona-based Atlis Motor Vehicles has set its sights on perhaps the most lucrative segment of the internal combustion vehicle market head on — pickup trucks. Founder and CEO Mark Hanchett is a truck guy through and through and was simply mystified that nobody had built an electric pickup truck. “I see pickup trucks as one of the most versatile vehicles on the market,” Mark shared. Pickup Trucks are the one class of vehicles where electrification is perhaps the most logical. According to Car and Driver , the top 3 new vehicles by sales volume in the United States last year were trucks. Between them, they sold nearly 2,000,000 units in 2017 alone. That’s a nice juicy market that has yet to be addressed by a fully-electric alternative. Ford F-Series (896,764 sold) Chevrolet Silverado (585,864 sold) Ram Pickup (500,723 sold) Mark imagined a future where a fully-electric truck would make the things he loved to do with his family and friends better and easier. “In the future, I can have a vehicle that I love that can do a large number of things that I find interesting,” Mark related. “A vehicle where I can go out and explore again […]


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