© GO Home/ Trent Bell Photography GO Logic have always designed beautiful homes. This was the next Go Logical step. Being an architect is hard. You design a nice home for a client and then you have to start over, almost from scratch, with the next one. That’s why I was always a fan of selling plans and extolling the virtues of prefabrication; it becomes more like industrial design, where you have a product that you refine, work out the bugs, and get some real design and production efficiencies. That’s why I am so excited about the GO Home line from GO Logic architects in Maine. They are very talented architects that we have shown many times on TreeHugger. They have now taken their most successful designs and and are turning them into products. GO Home brings the process of building a new home up to date. Our predesigned, prefabricated houses join spatial elegance and traditional craft with precision manufacturing and industry-leading performance, delivering the design and construction quality of the finest custom homes, but faster and less expensively. They have a line of houses on offer, but I want to concentrate on one design in particular, the "Donkey […]


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