Indian innovator finds novel solution to plastic bags Young Sibi Chelvan from Coimbatore finished his graduation in the USA and worked there for a few years. When he wanted to quit his high paying job and start some business of his own, his target was not money, he wanted to protect the environment and give back to his own society. The organization Regeno was born a few months back to make biodegradable plastic bags from vegetable starch. These bags will not be hazardous to the environment like the plastic bags. Regeno bags are prepared from the wastes of maize, vegetables and paper. These bags will degrade in three months’ time. They burn like paper and turn into ash. They can also be melted in hot water. Even if animals consumed them, there will be no harm to them. Plastics are a problem the world over and much so in India. Let’s look at some statistics concerning plastic in India : • In India, the total generation of plastic waste is estimated to be approximately 5.6 million tonnes per annum . Plastic waste constitutes on average 9-10% of the local waste collected daily. • Over 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste […]


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