Screen capture 911 Memorial & Museum/YouTube After a month under rubble, a nearly lifeless callery pear tree was found by 9/11 workers who were determined to save it. One can only imagine the grim job that 9/11 workers had at Ground Zero, working day in and day out to clean up the wreckage of such devastation. And one can only imagine the surprise they must have felt when, a month into the job, they discovered a bit of life sticking out from the rubble – the charred remains of a callery pear tree. With little more than a few leaves issuing from a single branch – with snapped roots and burned and broken boughs – this perseverant tree was sent to Van Cortlandt Park for convalescence under the care of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Park workers say they weren’t sure the tree would make it, but the little tree that could, did. In the spring of 2002 she sprouted a riot of leaves; a dove made a nest in her boughs. When Ronaldo Vega was hired as special project manager in 2007, he remembered the story of the tree and went to the Bronx […]


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