© Beladon (used with permission) Let’s hope cows don’t get seasick. The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is about to become home to the world’s first floating dairy farm. An offshore facility is under construction in the Merwehaven harbor and will house 40 cows producing 1,000 litres of milk per day. The farm, which is owned by property company Beladon , might seem like an odd addition to a bustling urban port, but there is some method to the madness, as one might say. Peter van Wingerden, an engineer at Beladon, came up with the idea after visiting New York City at the time of Hurricane Sandy. Seeing how difficult it was for residents to access food in the wake of the superstorm got him thinking about the importance of shortening the distance food needs to travel from producer to consumer. By situating a farm right in a city, it creates more food security and lessens the environmental impact of transportation. Eighty percent of the cows’ diet will come from food waste gathered from Rotterdam’s nearby restaurants. The BBC reported : "That might include grains discarded by local breweries, leftovers from restaurants and cafes, by-products from local wheat […]


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