CC BY 2.0 Dakota Park/ You can have five or a hundred good ideas, but really it does all come down to one. Recently, while one of eight speakers at a Drawdown buildings and Cities summit in Toronto, I noted that Paul Hawken’s 100 things to do was too much; I narrowed it down and wrote about it in TreeHugger: Five, just five, solutions to roll back greenhouse gas emissions. That was my pitch in my presentation, but then there was a question and answer period after, and the last question, addressed to all of us panelists sitting up at the front was pretty much “What is the single biggest impediment to doing anything about climate change?” There was consensus from everyone there: politics . The conservative denial that climate change exists, or if it exists, there is nothing that can be done about it, or basically what it comes down to: our voters don’t want to pay for it. They like things the way they are if they have money and the way things were if they don’t. Help is here. We are going to lower the cost of natural gas for all Ontario families and businesses… […]


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