Electric three-wheeled “fun utility vehicle” manufacturer Arcimoto and HULA Holdings recently announced that they were partnering on a new project to deliver a full-service charging station for EVs, dubbed the EV Oasis. The first EV Oasis center is planned for the San Diego area of Southern California and will bring together 24 Level 2 charging stations with 10 DC fast charging stations to offer a reliable full-service charging experience for plug-in vehicle drivers. The charging stations will be paired with an experience center that will offer rental services for Arcimoto’s 3-wheeled fun utility vehicles. The two companies see the rental center as the ideal forum for customers and potential customers to experience life in an electric vehicle — and better than that, on an extremely efficient, compact electric vehicle that makes driving not only more fun, but lower cost at the same time. Inside the experience center, customers will be able to pick up a coffee and browse through a host of educational kiosks filled with information about electric vehicles, plug-in vehicle charging, and Arcimoto’s fun utility vehicles. The vision for a welcoming plug-in vehicle charging center that brings some of the comforting amenities of a fueling station to […]


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