1 The Vancouver-based Soapstand is hoping to make zero-waste living more feasible for residents with the placement of soap-, shampoo-, and detergent-dispensing vending machines around the region. Zero-waste living has gained considerable traction in Vancouver in recent years, with stores like the Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples (3718 Main Street) and Nada (675 East Broadway) offering plastic- and packaging-free refills on soaps, cooking oils, and more. But given the shops’ limited hours and their locations in Mount Pleasant , it’s not always easy—or possible—for those committed to (or interested in) green living to access them. That’s why one local startup is hoping to bring household refills to the masses through a set of handy, zero-waste vending machines. Dubbed Soapstand , the Vancouver-based company produces what it bills as the world’s first automated liquid-refill station. The vending machines dispense ecofriendly personal-care and cleaning products, such as shampoo, Castile soap, and dish detergent, and offers reusable aluminum containers to those who need them. Users simply bring their own reusable containers or purchase aluminum ones from the machines, select their product of choice and their desired quantity on the touchscreen display, and watch as their vessel is filled. The dispensers accept debit […]


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