© Olga Enger/Shutterstock If you’ve never met a kid on ADHD meds, you probably haven’t asked a lot of kids about their meds. One out of every 10 kids gets diagnosed with ADHD, and 62 percent go on medication for it. That’s a lot of Ritalin. Believe it or not, giving kids powerful drugs has some downsides. Drugs used to treat ADHD can cause trouble sleeping, chest pain, convulsions and a number of other side effects. But scientists may have come up with a new cure, one that seems so obvious, it makes me a little mad: letting kids outside. "We can say that as little as 20 minutes of outdoor exposure could potentially buy you an afternoon or a couple of hours to get homework done," Frances Kuo, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who studies the relationship between people and their environment, told the New York Times. Kuo has conducted a number of studies on the subject over the years. In one controlled field experiment , she and her colleagues found that children who walked through a park for 20 minutes were better at solving puzzles afterwards. The scientists found that this short walk […]


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