The idea is amazingly simple, black roofs retain heat and white roofs reflect it. Similar to a project in LA where the streets have been painted white, NYC is making a transition quickly.

Matt Rourke/AP New York City has painted at least 6.7 million square feet of rooftop white in the past nine years. Reflective paint can decrease the temperatures insides buildings and lower air conditioning costs. Los Angeles is also taking steps to use more reflective paint, spending $40,000 per mile to paint streets white. Scientists believe that light roofs could help alleviate some of the worst effects of climate change. However, some experts say this may not be the best way to lower temperatures because of potentially negative consequences on the environment. Summers in New York can be extremely hot, and the city is taking steps to reduce the temperatures inside buildings through a program that most New Yorkers don’t even see. Since 2009, New York City has used at least 6.7 million square feet of paint in free roof upgrades to nonprofits, hospitals, and affordable housing buildings. The CoolRoofs program hired 70 people last year to help coat roofs with white paint, which can significantly decrease buildings’ internal temperatures and lower air conditioning costs, according to Small Business Services , which runs the program. In general, cities are hotter than rural areas because their asphalt roads and concrete buildings […]


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