In traditional transportation methods, there are not many world records available to be easily broken. In the world of alternative energy powered vehicles, the sky is the limit (or in this case maybe not even the limit).

It brings a company immense happiness and confidence when their new technology or products perform well in their first attempt. But how awesome would it be if the product performs well and breaks a world record in the process?! We are talking about Airbus’ Zephyr S here! The Zephyr S is solar-powered lightweight aircraft made by Airbus that runs purely on solar power. The aircraft doesn’t need a pilot as it is controlled remotely. The result is a drone that can fly for extended periods of time without refueling or pilot change. Hence Airbus calls it High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS). The Zephyr was developed by a company called Qinetiq which is now owned by Airbus. The aircraft took flight on July 11 from Arizona and maintained flight for over 25 days. In the process, it broke the world record for the longest continuous flight on earth’s atmosphere. The previous record was set by an earlier prototype of Zephyr, and it stayed in the sky for 14 days. To be exact, the Zephyr S stayed in flight for 25 days, 23 hours, and 57 minutes after takeoff. As the specifications of Zephyr S goes, the unmanned UAV weighs less than […]


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