This innovative device is designed to allow frogs and other semi-aquatic creatures an easy way out of your pool this summer.

One of the worst things for pool owners in the sweltering summer months is going out for a swim to cool down and enjoy time with friends and family, only to find a critter has made it into their splash-zone and couldn’t find a way out. In an effort to save local animals , the FrogLog offers a simple escape route for small creatures who might otherwise drown in a pool. So, how does it work exactly? Adhere it to the side of the pool, where animals such as mice, squirrels and frogs have a tendency to swim as they try to escape, and the mesh netting surrounding the FrogLog will allow them to climb up to dry land. No guidance is needed — the animals will circle the edge of the pool and happen upon the FrogLog themselves. The ramp allows them to scurry or hop — whatever their style — out of the pool instead of drowning. Related: This modular outdoor swimming pool from Finland could make a splash near you The FrogLog is effective in saving reptiles and amphibians such as frogs, turtles and lizards; mammals such as rabbits, chipmunks and squirrels; and birds and baby […]


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