William Sims, left, a Vietnam veteran, and Brian Sales, leader of the Milwaukee chapter of Green Veterans, stand in the garden on West Wells Street cared for by veterans. Sims is the director of the organic therapy program while Sales is dealing with PTSD after serving two tours in Iraq and one in Kosovo in the Army. (Photo: Tyger Williams) This summer he’s participating with other vets coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other ailments in an organic therapy program operated by Green Veterans By Meg Jones Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Excerpt: “Since I started my career path in sustainability a year ago, I stopped taking the medications the VA said I’d have to take for the rest of my life,” said Sales. “Touching soil is an antidepressant. It makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face. You’re seeing something change from a seed, which is amazing. Coming from the military we were so used to the destructive model and with urban farming you switch from destruction to creation.” Sales co-founded Green Veterans in Florida with Edel Travieso in 2013 when they were classmates pursuing degrees in renewable energy management. Sales came to Milwaukee in 2016 to […]


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