One of the critical parts of recycling is creating a value for the finished product. While some plastics cannot be recycled yet, turning them back to oil could help solve the problem.

Recycling Technologies is setting up an assembly facility in Swindon to build up to 200 machines per year to meet anticipated demand for plastic recycling. Image: Recycling Technologies via chinadialogue The world produces 400 million tonnes of plastic every year but only 10 per cent is recycled. Much of it seeps in to the ocean, causing at least US$13 billion (89 billion yuan) worth of economic damage to marine ecosystems annually. Alarming statistics on the impact of plastics on our environment are piling up almost as fast as the material itself. A transformation of the global recycling system is needed, however, not all regularly used plastics can be processed. This means that even if all consumers and businesses recycled everything they could, a large proportion would still go to waste. The majority of plastics that do get recycled undergo a mechanical process that breaks them down into pellets. They’re then reused in the manufacture of new plastic products, such as packaging, seats or in clothing (polyesters). However, this process cannot be used on plastic film, pouches and other laminated plastics, and these materials are typically sent to landfill or incinerated. What can be done with all these hard-to-recycle plastics, […]


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