In places like war torn Syria and Gaza, the residents live in fear, poverty and darkness. The recent announcement by China of loans and financial aid will help lift these people from dependence to self sufficiency.

Twenty billion dollars in loans and $1.6 billion in financial aid was recently pledged by Chinese President Xi Jinping to countries in the Middle East to help boost economic growth there. “We should treat each other frankly, not fear differences, not avoid problems, and have ample discussion on each aspect of foreign policy and development strategy,” President Jinping said . The aid will be used for projects involving oil and gas, nuclear power, and clean energy. It’s rare that such an energy-based approach is attempted to help a whole foreign region with economic development and greater political stability. Very old disputes between countries or various political and cultural perspectives are often viewed through the lenses of ideologies and religions. By trying to contribute to the economic development of a whole region regardless of such affiliations, there is a different focus and potentially some shared benefits. Reportedly, over half of Palestinians located in the Gaza Strip live in poverty , and the unemployment rate is very high. The poverty rate in Syria is much higher than in Palestine. Some might assume that the political problems, conflict and violence need to be solved at the level of heads of state working […]


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