One person can make the difference, so maybe it’s time to start. Maybe it is time to move, and do something, to help our planet. Sometimes, even small things can make a huge difference. Image: Michael Strasser/Kerstin Quirchmayr Austrian cyclist Michael Strasser has set out on a record-breaking attempt intended to raise awareness for climate change action. Dubbed ‘Ice2Ice’, the journey will take him from Alaska to Patagonia – said to be the longest overland route available – to demonstrate the links between personal transportation choices and climate change . Mr Strasser has become the first cyclist to join UN Environment’s Mountain Heroes Campaign – alongside Kenyan skier Sabrina Simader and British climber Ben Fogle – which seeks to raise awareness and inspire action for the protection of mountain ecosystems. According to UN Environment, mountains, which are home to millions of people, provide crucial ecosystem services for the world, including freshwater but climate change is causing glaciers to retreat and plants and animals to start vanishing. It adds climate change disproportionately affects the Arctic, Antarctica and mountain regions, which is highly visible by the loss of ice and snow cover – between 1960 and 2003, glaciers in Patagonia and Alaska have thinned by around 35m and 25m. The rise of mountain tourism is also said to have created new streams of waste that put additional pressure on the already fragile habitats. Mr […]


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