California is set to become the first US state to require virtually all new homes to include solar panels from 2020 California is doubling down on its commitment to clean energy.

In May, the California Energy Commission (CEC) unanimously approved rules requiring virtually all new residential homes built in the state to be fitted with rooftop solar panels. The new rules will apply from 2020. The move, which could see 65,000 solar installations a year in the so-called Golden State, won plaudits from the construction industry, and more cautious praise from environmentalists, amid hopes that it would curb statewide carbon emissions and boost values for homeowners. “This adoption of these standards represents a quantum leap,” California Building Industry Association engineer Robert Raymer told the CEC. “You can bet every state will be watching to see what happens.” Discover the good news that matters. Yet the decision is not universally popular. Adding solar panels will increase the cost of a new home by an estimated $9,500 (£7,131), and while homeowners should recoup twice that amount in energy savings over the course of a 30-year mortgage, there are fears that the mandate could exacerbate California’s housing crisis. Others say the new […]


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