Skeptics try to deny the evidence of global warming, but businesses already are betting on clean energy. Together, science and capitalism built the modern world.

Across the political spectrum, both are under attack. If we are to solve our greatest challenges, including climate change, we have to deploy the power of these twin engines of civilization. The best available research confirms the existence of human-driven climate change, including the rapid pace of global warming. Leading scientists’ predictions of temperature rise have been largely accurate. In the three decades since NASA climate scientist James Hansen first warned Congress that global warming had begun, the U.S. and other nations have poured billions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, and the planet has continued to warm. Engineer using tablet computer collect data with meteorological instrument to measure the wind speed, temperature and humidity and solar cell system. PHOTO: ISTOCK/GETTY IMAGES Most climate models predicted warming above the mid-20th-century average of about 1 degree Celsius by 2016. They were right. Atmospheric scientists predicted increased frequency of extreme-heat events, and they were right, too. Scientists also predicted warming would be most apparent in East Asia and the Arctic, and […]


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